Get Involved

The Open Knowledge Foundation community is for people who want to deepen their knowledge, experience and professional networks in the open movement, both online and offline, within their local community and the wider international community.

We welcome you to join us!

  • Start by joining the mailing list
    A good place to start is the OKFN Discuss list, which is home to the broad community surrounding the network.Becoming engaged on this list includes reading other people’s posts, of course, as well as contributing to the dialogue – either by responding to messages – or by starting new threads yourself. A good first post would be to introduce yourself and ask whether there are others in your local area or interest area with whom you can connect with.
  • Join a Local Group or attend a local Meetup – or start one yourself!
    Did you know that there are Open Knowledge Foundation Meetups (informal gatherings of people) all around the world every week? See what is going on where and when with our Local Groups. If there are no Meetups in your area, why not start one? It’s easy! You simply find a place (café, university room, community center or even your living room!), get in touch with us, find a topic and/or put together an agenda (maybe just the idea to discuss open knowledge in general?) and make an announcement. We can help you get the word out on our social media channels.
  • Join a Working Group
    We run a series of topic based Working Groups, where everyone is invited to join, they’re public and open. An example is the Open Government Data Working Group that centers around anything related to open governance and open data.Most of the groups consists of around 30-50 people (although some are bigger) that work together, often on online projects, and/or discuss the topic at hand on a discussion list. No specific skills are needed and anyone is welcome to join simply to learn more about the topic – the Working Groups enjoy having curious new people join their ranks! Join a list and introduce yourself.
  • Take a School of Data course
    The School of Data empowers civil society organizations, journalists and citizens with the skills they need to use data effectively in their efforts to create more equitable and effective societies.There is huge potential to use data and open data to improve the lives of citizens around the world, especially in increasing the transparency and accountability of government. You can learn more about course offerings at
  • Contribute to projects on Github or in OKFN Labs
    If you have coding skills a great way to engage is by help improving some of the many software projects lead by the OKF. Most of these are available on our Github platform and/or in OKFN Labs, where you can dive right in and contribute.
  • Make open knowledge resources available in your language- translate!
    If you have the language skills to translate from English into another language, we’d love to have you give a hand with our translations. Check out our list of projects looking for translations.
  • Join the Task Force
    If you’d like even more options for how to get involved, check out our Volunteers Task Force. There’s sure to be something for you there! We’re in the process of developing a new tool to help you find how best to get engaged – it’s called AskNot, and you can try it out here. Leave a comment to let us know what you think!
  • If you’re interested in cultural heritage, check out the Public Domain Review
    And if you can think of a good topic to write about, they’re welcoming submissions now too!


We welcome initiative and innovation in becoming more engaged in the open community; if anyone reading this can think of any other ways that it is possible to become more engaged, please get in touch and let us know about it, so that your efforts can inspire other community members in the future!