#ODD14 on Twitter

The most active Open Data Day Twitter accounts and most popular tweets are listed below.

Open Data Day Tweets at #ODD14

There were over 5,000 Open Data Day tweets at the official hashtag. Here are the data.

Japan flagThe gold medal tweeter was @hatochan of Japan (68 tweets), silver was @OKFNUS of the United States (61), and bronze was @MidooDj of Egypt (60).

Tweet volume every 30 minutes:

#odd14 tweet volume every 30 minutes

Twelve Most-Retweeted on Open Data Day

Calculations are for the day itself, UTC and the listing below is not dynamic.

Source data are here, thank you School of Data! Data only include tweets using #odd14 — not #odd2014, #opendataday, #codeacross, etc. unless also using #odd14.