Open Knowledge 1.0: Programme

Introduction to Open Knowledge 1.0

Rufus Pollock, Open Knowledge Foundation

Session 1, 1100-1230: Open Geodata

Chair: Becky Hogge, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group

  • Ed Parsons, until recently CTO of the Ordnance Survey
  • Steve Coast, founder of Open Street Map
  • Charles Arthur, and Technology Editor of the Guardian

Session 2, 1400-1515: Open Media

Chair: Andrea Rota of LiquidCulture

Session 3, 1530-1645: Open Scientific and Civic Information

Chair: Jo Walsh, Open Knowledge Foundation and OSGeo

Open Space, 1700-1830

  • Lightning talks, demos, mini-workshops …
  • See the wiki: /wiki/okcon/

Continuing Discussion at a Local Watering-Hole, 1900-?

  • Where: A local pub such as:
  • The George Tavern
    • 373 Commercial Road, Stepney, LONDON, E1 0LA
    • Google Maps

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