OKCon 2008: Post-Event Information

This page contains links to documentation and coverage of OKCon 2008. Many thanks to Adnan Hadzi and Saul Albert for photographs, audio and video footage!

If you have any pictures, notes, slides, and so on, or if you’ve blogged about the event, please email us at info [at] okfn [dot] org and we’ll post a link here. Also please use the tag ‘okcon2008′ where appropriate!

Documentation and Material



Session 1: Transport and Environment

~-Chaired by Chris Corbin (ePSIplus)-~

Session 2: Visualization and Analysis

~-Chaired by Peter Murray-Rust (Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, Cambridge University)-~

  • A Thousand Words: Visualizing Meaning in Collaborative Media, Liz Turner (Freelance Designer and Visualizer Extraordinaire)

    • ~-mp3 (6mb)-~
  • Mayavi2 – the next Generation Visualization Toolkit, Gael Varoquaux (MayaVi2 & University of Florence)

    • ~-mp3 (10.5mb)-~
    • ~-pdf (6mb)-~
  • SAGE: Creating a Viable Alternative to Magma, Mathematica, Maple and Matlab, Martin Albrecht (SAGE)

    • ~-mp3 (10.1mb)-~
    • ~-pdf (644kb)-~
  • Questions and discussion

    • ~-mp3 (10.7mb)-~

Session 3: Education and Academia

~-Chaired by Becky Hogge (Open Rights Group)-~

Open Space

  • DBpedia and the Linking Open Data project. Extracting and linking open data on the web to build the semantic web, Georgi Kobilarov

    • ~-mp3 (14.2mb)-~
  • Version Identification of Open Access Research in Digital Repositories, Dave Puplett

    • ~-mp3 (6.7mb)-~
    • ~-pdf (375kb)-~
  • RDFa: What It Is and What It’s For, Mark Birbeck

    • ~-mp3 (11.8mb)-~
  • Open Shakespeare and Open Milton, Iain Emsley and Rufus Pollock

    • ~-mp3 (13.2mb)-~
  • Introducing Open Coin, Joerg Baach

    • ~-pdf (1.2mb)-~
  • ***Datashare ***, Robin Rice