Flagship Projects


CKAN is a complete out-of-the-box software solution that makes data accessible – by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data.

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Online training for data ‘wrangling’ skills. Develop the ability to find, retrieve, clean, manipulate, analyze, and represent different types of data.

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The aim of Open Spending is to track every government financial transaction across the world and present it in useful and engaging forms.

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The Public Domain Review is an online journal and serves as a bounteous gateway into the vast knowledge commons that is the public domain.

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We also have the Panton Fellowships – fellowships awarded to early-career scientists and others working on open research:

Panton Fellowships

The Panton Principles for Open Data in Science strongly encourage scientists and others to place scientific research data into the public domain using an appropriate license or legal tool. The Panton Fellows explore and support this concept. They endorse the Panton Principles for making scientific data open, and promote the value of open data in all areas of science. Find out more

Current Projects

These are projects that are actively being managed and fostered by the Open Knowledge Foundation’s staff and communities.

Open Data Partnership for Development

The World Bank has joined forces with the Open Data Institute and the Open Knowledge Foundation in a 3-year project designed to help policy makers and citizens in developing countries understand and build on the benefits of open data. Find out more



The Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana project (DM2E) is a multi-partner three-year European Commission co-funded project. The project has three main goals: First, to build a tool that will enable Europe’s cultural institutions to easily integrate and connect the data they hold about their collection into Europe’s digital library – Europeana – and the open web more generally. Second, to build a suite of open-source tools for the Digital Humanities community such as the annotation tool Pundit. Third, to build a community of open cultural data evangelists. This work is primarily carried out in collaboration with the OpenGLAM Working Group. Find out more


Apps for Europe

Apps for Europe is creating a support network that helps to unleash the financial potential and social value of open data, catalysing the transformation of ideas for open data-based applications into viable businesses. The Apps for Europe consortium are developing the concept of a business lounge to help bring app creators and developers together with investors and other experts, as well as running two pan-European open data competitions. The Open Knowledge Foundation are leading the production of resources for organisers of hackdays and apps competitions, including best practice for ensuring ongoing sustainability of projects started at competitions, as well as data guidelines on licensing for data providers and consumers. Find out more



LinkedUp aims to push forward the exploitation of open and linked data available on the Web, in particular by educational institutions and organizations. It is doing this by facilitating the LinkedUp Challenge which comprises of Veni, Vidi, and Vici: three consecutive competitions challenging developers to create interesting and innovative tools that analyse and/or integrate open data for educational purposes. We are leading the development of an Open Education Working Group to build a strong network of people interested in these and related topics around open education. Find out more



The LOD2 project is a four year Seventh Framework Programme research project co-funded by the European Commission. LOD2 aims to develop and improve core pieces of technology for working with linked open data, making some key components faster, better and easier to use. The main contribution of the Open Knowledge Foundation is the work on, a portal that brings together open government data from local, regional and national public bodies in many different European member states. is based on and helps to further develop the open-source CKAN software. aggregates information about datasets from numerous different sources and serve this all up from a single place. Find out more


The Global Open Data Initiative (GODI) is an initiative led by civil society organisations to share principles and resources for governments and societies on how to best harness the opportunities created by opening government data. It is intended to provide a roadmap of policies and institutions that countries can use to build meaningful new open data reforms and initiatives, informed by the successes of others. Find out more

Opportunities to work with us on projects

If you are interested in collaborating with us on a project, looking for a home for your open data project, or seeking other ways of working with us, find out more about how we can help you.

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