Project Archive

The Open Definition
The Open (Knowledge) Definition (OD) sets out principles to define the ‘open’ in open knowledge. The term knowledge is used broadly and it includes all forms of data, content such as music, films or books as well any other types of information. Visit the Open Definition project

Open Data Commons

open data commons
Open Data Commons provides legal solutions for open data, including the Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL) and the Open Database License (ODbL). Visit the Open Data Commons project

Open Data Handbook

open data manual
The Open Data Handbook introduces you to the legal, social and technical aspects of open data. It can be used by anyone but is especially useful for those working with government data. It discusses the why, what and how of open data – why to go open, what open is, and the how to do open. Visit the Open Data Handbook project

Tools and infrastructure


CKAN is an open-source data hub. CKAN makes it easy to publish, share and find data. It provides a powerful and extensible system for cataloging and storing datasets, with an intuitive web front-end and API. Having developed CKAN starting in 2006 to power our ownit is now used by governments and communities around the world including the UK government for, the Dutch and Norwegian governments, Helsinki region and others. Visit the CKAN software home page | Visit theDataHub, powered by CKAN

Where Does My Money Go?

where does my money go?
Find out where UK public finance goes with this open-source, embeddable web application. Explore the data using maps, timelines, and best of breed visualisation technologies. Visit the WDMMG project


OpenSpending allows users to explore, structure and map different kinds of public finance from all around the world – state budgets, spending reports, grants and subsidy data. Our goal is to create an interactive platform similar to OpenStreetMap: while on OSM you map your block, on OpenSpending it’s your local government spend. Visit OpenSpending

Data Packaging (datapkg)

datapkg is an user tool for distributing, discovering and installing data (and content) ‘packages’. Visit the datapkg project page

Linked Open Vocabularies

Linked Open Vocabularies is your entry point to the growing ecosystem of linked open vocabularies (RDFS or OWL ontologies) used in the Linked Data Cloud. For more information visit the Linked Open Vocabularies website.

Versioned Domain Model (vdm)

Versioned Domain Model
Versioned Domain Model (vdm) is a package which allows you to ‘version’ your domain model in the same way that source code version control systems such as subversion allow you version your code. Visit the vdm project page


Annotate any web page simply by incorporating two lines of javascript into your site or running our bookmarklet. Visit AnnotateIt


Yourtopia allows the user to construct a measure of social progress world-wide based on your preferences for development. Participate in a global effort to improve tracing of humanity’s progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. Visit Yourtopia

Europe’s Energy

Europe's Energy
The application aims to help to put European energy policy (including the 2020 energy targets) into context. Compare different EU countries in terms of their carbon emissions, renewable energy share, energy dependency, net imports, and progress towards their respective renewables targets. Visit Europe’s Energy

Open knowledge production

Open Shakespeare

Open Shakespeare provides the complete works of Shakespeare, along with textual apparatus (introduction, notes) and tools (concordance, search, annotation, word frequency, etc.) all in an open form. Visit the Open Shakespeare project

Weaving History

Create ‘factlets’ — places, people, events — and string them together into ‘threads’ at the click of a button. Automatically visualize the results temporally and spatially, search by any attribute, automatically import Wikipedia articles and much more … Visit the Weaving History project

Open Economics

open economics
The Open Economics project provides open content, data and code related to Economics. This includes a ‘data store’ and a service to graph data. Visit the Open Economics project

Open Text Book

open text book
Open Text Book is a registry of textbooks which are free for anyone to use, reuse and redistribute – from mathematics to geology, from engineering to art history. Visit the Open Text Book project

Public Domain Works

public domain works
The Public Domain Works DB is an open registry of artistic works that are in the public domain. It is currently focused on books and sound recordings. Visit the Public Domain Works project

The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review aims to review and show case some of the most exciting Public Domain Works available. It is available online or delivered directly to your inbox. Visit the Public Domain Review project      

Partner Projects

These are projects in which the OKF is a partner. Some OKF projects may have commitments to deliver towards the end goals of these partner projects. As these are not OKF projects we may have less information available for them, but in general they make much of their own information available and we link to it where possible.

Open Bibliography

Open Bibliography is a JISC funded project to advocate open access to bibliographic data and to demonstrate ways that such open datasets could be utilised. JISC Open Bibliography project website


The COMMUNIA Thematic Network aims at becoming a European point of reference for theoretical analysis and strategic policy discussion of existing and emerging issues concerning the public domain in the digital environment – as well as related topics, including, but not limited to, alternative forms of licensing for creative material; open access to scientific publications and research results; management of works whose authors are unknown (i.e. orphan works). Communia project website


LOD2 is an EU-funded project involving a consortium of groups across Europe working to develop linked open data availability and to enable the creation of knowledge from interlinked data. OKFN’s LOD2 site | LOD2 project website


IATI registry

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) makes information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand. IATI project website


Retired projects

These are projects which are active, but which we no longer currently maintain. They remain online for your use.


knowledge forge
KnowledgeForge aims to provide you with the facilities and tools you need to work on open knowledge projects. It is run on KForge, a system for managing users, projects and the services associated with projects such as websites, wikis, task-trackers, and repositories. KForge software project | KnowledgeForge service