Data Package and Data Package Manager (dpm)


Data Package Manager (dpm, and formerly datapkg) is an user tool for distributing, discovering and installing data (and content) ‘packages’.

dpm is a simple way to’‘package’ data building on existing packaging tools developed for code (e.g. Debian apt, PyPI, CRAN, Gems, CPAN). dpm is designed to integrate closely with the CKAN instances.

For a longer overview see this blog post ‘Introducting datapkg’ and the dpm documentation.

Created: 2008-01

  • Start: 2008-01
  • v0.1: 2008-07-05
  • v0.4: 2009-12-28
  • v0.7: 2010-10-11

Project Members

  • Rufus Pollock
  • James Casbon
  • Mike Chelen
  • John Bywater (Emeritus)

Status: Active

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