OKF KnowledgeForge Project


  1. Create software tools to manage the collaborative development of open knowledge by different communities and individuals.

  2. To deploy a service using this software that provides permanent online home for open knowledge projects and packages.

Created: 2004-06

  • Idea: 2004-06
  • First development: 2005-01
  • Working service based on GForge: 2005-06
  • New KForge codebase: 2005-06
    • Alpha release (v0.9): 2005-10
    • Beta (v0.11): 2006-03
  • Service and software very stable (v0.13): 2007-07

Status: Active

  1. The KForge software system: This part of the project now has its own website at http://www.kforgeproject.com/. See that site for more details about development activity as well as how to get involved in development

  2. The Knowledgeforge service: The service has now been active since mid-2005 and can be found at http://www.knowledgeforge.net/.

More Information

The Knowledge“Forge project provides the infrastructure for the online development of open knowledge by the community. Read the initial proposal to get more information about the original aims of this project.