It’s about more than just technology. The Open Knowledge Foundation is helping people solve the technical, social and legal challenges of opening up data.

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We regularly run hack days, data parties and other events with our thriving community of coders, journalists and enthusiasts.


In December 2011 we ran an Aid Development Hack Day in partnership with Publish What You Fund. The day brought together various teams and enthusiasts to process and refine the datasets from IATI, loading them into the OpenSpending platform.


The report on Technology for Transparent and Accountable Public Finance was prepared for GIFT, a multi-stakeholder action network working to advance fiscal transparency, participation, and accountability in countries around the world.

Our research for AidInfo led to the publication of the report Unlocking The Potential of Aid Information, which discussed legal and technical aspects of opening up information related to international development.

We co-authored the Data Journalism Handbook, an open source reference book for anybody interested in the field of data journalism. It was developed in collaboration with the European Journalism Centre, and is published through O’Reilly media.

We love to write open source tools

We favour Free/Libre Open Source software, preferring to write the fewest lines of code we can and to use existing technology. To this end, we’ve developed many free tools to help with common open data problems.

  • CKAN is a platform for publishing, finding, and using data. Users range from hobbyists to governments around the world.
  • The OpenSpending platform aims to map the world’s money, tracking countries’ spending data in a searchable index and allowing people to build their own websites mapping financial transactions.
  • TEXTUS is a platform for working with collections of texts, harnessing the power of semantic web technologies. It is funded by JISC.
  • recline.js is a Javascript library for building data-driven web applications purely in JS and HTML.
  • BubbleTree is an interactive tool developed for the OpenSpending project, used for visualising hierarchical data.
  • PyBossa is a free, open-source, platform for creating and running crowd-sourcing applications that utilise online assistance in performing tasks that require human cognition, knowledge or intelligence.

More projects at OKFN Labs, an arm of the Foundation devoted to research and development of new technology and tools, drawing together an online community of hackers and developers.

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